As a Certified Professional Coach, Ellie Holbrook, MA, LPCC, RYT500, CPC takes a holistic approach to positive living.  She brilliantly melds her education and experience in counseling psychology, yoga and meditation, with her training as a life and wellness coach to help clients feel balanced, complete, and fulfilled.  She does this by helping clients identify personal goals and objectives, develop practical and blended solutions, and implement strategies that will enhance performance, awareness, and life satisfaction.  Ellie also encourages and facilitates self-discovery and awareness, insight, intrapersonal growth, and increased personal fulfillment, while supporting her clients and helping them evaluate their individual experiences and progression.

Throughout her career, Ellie has worked closely with people from all walks of life, and is dedicated to providing competent, confidential, and ethical care to every individual she encounters.   Issues she works with include:

  • Health and wellness optimization
  • Goal setting and attainment
  • Emotional and thought-processing issues and stress management
  • Adjustment to life phases, roles, and transitions
  • Professional and academic performance
  • Relationship, marriage, and divorce concerns
  • Women’s specialty issues
  • Spirituality and identity development
  • Mindfulness-Based Coaching
  • Integrative Yoga Therapy
  • Birth Coaching and Doula Services

Individual Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are conducted in-person or telephonically, and include email and phone support as necessary.  The intention of sessions is to identify personal goals, develop and implement strategies that help clients reach personally defined objectives that will enhance performance, awareness, and life satisfaction.   Because coaching is a client-guided process, clients will set the agenda for each session, and work will largely depend upon participation, motivation, and self-disclosure.  As the life coach, Ellie will offer unconditional positive regard, and will remain empathic, genuine, honest, and direct with her guidance.  Additionally, she will ask deliberate questions and employ various coaching techniques that will encourage self-discovery and help clients evaluate their experiences and progress.

Healing Intensives

Appying the same philosophies that guide individual sessions, Ellie also creates personal Intensive experiences, retreats, and workshops that are designed to address the needs of the individuals and special-interest groups involved in this process.  The intention of these Intensive experiences is to delve into deep-seeded issues, bringing a deeper awareness and understanding of long-standing patterns, and intitiating positive change.  These Intensive experiences are an opprotunity to unleash authenticity, enliven, and bring potency and manifestation into all aspects of an individual’s life.   Intensive experiences, workshops, and retreats are individually tailored, and lead to nothing short of magic.

For additional information, please contact Ellie directly.


Because Ellie is trained as a life coach and a therapist, it is important that clients understand the similarities and differences of both practices.  Both coaching and psychotherapy utilize knowledge of human behavior, motivation, and behavioral change, and interactive counseling techniques. The major differences lie in the goals, emphasis, and level of professional responsibility.

By definition, life coaching assumes the relative mental health of the individual.  Coaching is a collaborative process that emphasizes action, solutions, and creating positive change, both in the present and in the future.  Coaching also places an emphasis on client accountability and a commitment to self-awareness, intrapersonal growth, and increased personal satisfaction.

Psychotherapy, on the other hand, identifies, diagnoses, and treats mental disorders, as defined by the American Psychiatric Association.  Goals in therapy include the alleviation of symptoms, altering dysfunctional patterns involved in various disorders, and coping with psychological distress.   Please understand that life coaching sessions are not a substitute for psychotherapy or mental health care.  In the event that either the coach of the client recognizes a problem that may be better served by psychotherapy, I will refer you to the appropriate resources.  If you are currently under the care of a mental health professional, please inform me of this and consult with your care provider about your involvement in life coaching.

While Ellie has the education and training in both professions, she cannot attempt to fulfill both roles simultaneously.  As a life coach, she will remain fully committed to the coaching profession and serve clients competently, ethically, and professionally.

It is also important to understand that the client-coach relationship is a crucial component in the process of life coaching, however it is not to be used in lieu of other professional advice.  As a coach, it is Ellie’s responsibility to help clients identify personal goals, develop strategies to overcome obstacles, and empower them to live positively.  Ellie and her clients always bear in mind that all decisions in each area of her client’s  life are exclusively theirs and their actions regarding them are their own responsibility.

Coaching Services:

Contact Ellie Holbrook, MA, LPCC, RYT500 to make an appointment or schedule a free consultation to discuss her services and special interest presentations in greater detail.

Coaching Rates:

While standard rates do apply for Ellie’s services, she also offers an out-of-pocket sliding scale available for those interested.  For more specific information on Ellie’s rates for life and wellness coaching, presentations, and events, please contact Ellie personally to discuss in further detail.

Doula Services:

What is a doula?

The word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek meaning “a woman who serves”.  The term is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during, and after childbirth.

A birth doula recognizes birth as an experience that the mother will remember the rest of her life.  She understands the physiology of labor and childbirth, as well as the very unique emotional needs of a laboring woman, and will tend to both throughout labor.  The doula will maintain an objective, nurturing, and supportive point of view while also helping the woman obtain information to make informed decisions, facilitate communication between the laboring woman, her partner, and her care providers, and act as an advocate for the woman through the entirety of her childbirth experience.

Ellie is a trained birth doula, certified through DONA International.

Ellie’s Doula Package Includes:

Prenatal Visits:  The purpose of the first meeting is to get to know one another.  At this time, Ellie will discuss her doula services in greater detail and expand on her role in your birth experience.  Should you decide to proceed with having Ellie as your doula, she will meet with you once again before your due date.  During this meeting, you will tell Ellie about your birth plan, and address any hopes, preferences, and concerns you might have about your birth.  Ellie will also talk about childbirth preparation and the progression of labor, health care, comfort measures, and coping strategies that may be used during labor.

Labor and Childbirth:  Ellie will offer continuous support throughout your labor and childbirth.  She will do this by employing various relaxation techniques, comfort measures, and coping strategies.  When necessary, she will also provide you with information and advocate on your behalf.  It is Ellie’s goal to ensure that you feel secure and comfortable, and create the most positive birth experience possible.  Following the birth of your baby, Ellie will stay with you for another two hours, assisting with breastfeeding, comfort, and other post-labor concerns.

Postnatal Visits:  After your baby is born, Ellie will visit you and your family once or twice more to discuss your childbirth experience and tend to any concerns you may have about postnatal and infant care, feeding your baby, and returning home as a new parent.

Throughout the course of your pregnancy and following the birth of your baby, Ellie will offer telephone and email support to address any questions, concerns, and updates that you may have.

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