The following reflections were sent to me by one of my best friends.  And as I read it, I could not help but to look at my surroundings, both literally and figuratively.  And as I did, I saw a clean and tidy home with a few messy signs of life scattered about.  Yet, as I looked deeper, inside and out, I could not help but to see the cobwebs and the dirty corners.  So as you read on, I hope you are moved, as I was, to begin to clear the way…

“We must ask ourselves “Are we  to reflect the world, or is the world to reflect us?”

The answer is, “both”.

So with this in mind, ask yourself, “Do my cupboards reveal the state of the world?”  If they are disorderly, they do.  And, of course, orderliness is not everything.  Yet it is something.  And this is a place for us to start if we wish to surpass the world order as it is today.

 While the state of our cupboards and the physical realm in which we dwell is not all that we amount to,  this part of our lives is deserving of attention, and there is certainly no fault in making the physical more compatible with our higher aspirations.  Because, really, this is a simple place to begin.   Start here, in your own space, and finish, today.

If you open your cupboards and see a mess, then you are long overdue.  If, when you move about your house, your belongings are scattered about, causing you to stumble, fall, or exist around them, move these things now.  Clear your way now and create a smooth path.

(By now, you likely see the metaphor that has been laid before you.  And hopefully, you also see that there is more to this than the obvious)

 Even so, continue to clear and cleanse.  Wash the windows of your mind, so that you may see.   Ascend from any stuck-ness of the past.  Drop that which you carry, and remove any obstacles in your way, especially those that you impose upon yourself.

You may not realize it right away, but this congestion does affect you.  You clear your throat, so why would you not clear your life on deeper levels?   To do this, start where you are, and start now.  There is no other time or place to begin.

If you hope to continue to move forward, you must travel light.  Carry only love and light, and give it away freely as you shed the extra baggage, and you will never be weighted down.

Many ask as they move through this process, “Which comes first, clarity, or a clear path?” To answer this clear your path first, and you will know.  Some may manage well, even amidst disorder, but why have it this way?  Instead, let go.

…This lesson, of course, is not one of housekeeping.  Rather, it is a lesson of freeing one’s self from riff-raff, baggage, and any weight of the past and moving into the present.  For attachments to the past keep us in this time of never, and prevents us from being in the present, which is the time that it will always be.

So let go of these things and clear them away, so that you may move forward.  Know that what you have in your heart will always be enough now.”

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