While in session with a client last week, I repeated the following quote:

“The way we do anything, or one thing, is the way we do everything.”

Upon my saying this, both my client and I had to take a moment to reflect on the meaning of this statement.  At first, I silently chided myself, thinking, “Where did you even hear that?  That makes no sense.”  Yet, after letting these words sink in for another moment, and applying them to myself, I realized that is, in fact, true, and whoever it is I heard this from knew what they were talking about.

In many ways, the many aspects of our lives may not seem to echo one another.  But this is likely because many of the aspects of our lives, on the surface, are more easily contrastable then comparable.  Yet, if we are to dive deeper and look at the themes that play out within and throughout our lives, we will see that this statement is true…

The way we do anything, is quite actually, the way we do everything.

Think about this for a moment, and apply this statement to your own life, and you will see for yourself.

…To really see the truth of this statement in your own life and personality, consider the following questions:

Do you relate to the cliché, “when it rains, it pours”?  And on the contrary, do you feel like when one area of your life is going well, relatively speaking, so are the others?  Do you find that you keep running into the same problems in life?  Perhaps you procrastinate or tend to take on too much at one time.  Do you tend to fret over things that are not within your control?  Are you often on the defensive or do you struggle to say no, speak up, or advocate on behalf of what is important to you?  Perhaps you are more likely to “cut and run” or simply bow out when you have had enough of something? Or, maybe, none of these statements resonate with you, and you are able to identify other themes in your life that seem to be uniquely yours.

Yet, whatever these themes are, the truth of the matter remains that the habits we practice in one area of life eventually carry over into other areas.

And this can work for or against us.  For, if we struggle in one area, we are likely to struggle in another.   Or, in contrast, our strengths will transcend these same boundaries, and we benefit.

…So, as you read this, perhaps take a peek and examine yourself in your life right now and reflect.  As you do so, inquire.  How are your relationships?  Your passions and purpose?  How’s your career and your finances?  Your self-care and personal interests and goals?  Where do you do well, and where do your frustrations lie?

Most likely, you will see themes.  Which is where the magic lies.  Because once you become aware that “the way you do anything is the way you do everything”, you will have the insight and empowerment to change everything at once.

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