Quite often, we tend to think that peace may be obtained by adding certain things into our lives. However, it has been my experience, that the act of letting go is equally important. The following list originated from the article entitled, “Eight Things You Must Give Up To Find Peace”, and it describes eight essential things that must be given up in order to manifest peace in one’s life.

  1. Past regrets and excuses.

As most of us well know, we cannot always choose what happens to us. But, we do have the power to choose how we relate to our circumstances and what we choose to do about them. Quite similarly, we also have the choice to forgive ourselves for our misgivings and refuse to define ourselves by the things we have done, or left unfinished.

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  1. The desire to have all the answers.

Learning to accept the unknown in life is a profound lesson, indeed, as uncertainty can be rather frightening. On the other hand, however, uncertainty can also be quite liberating because it means the possibilities are endless.

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  1. The false hope of a pain-free life.

As I am sure you have heard many times, pain is an inevitable part of life, and it comes in many shapes and sizes. Pain accompanies the good in life, just as often as it does the bad. Pain is for the living only, and as long as we are living, we are bound to encounter it now and then. And despite what many of us tend to think, this is a good thing, as pain signifies that our receptors to the world are working. And it signifies that we are indeed alive and interacting with the beautiful world around us.

  1. Ties to insensitive people.

People are extremely difficult to change, and based on my experiences, they rarely do as a result of the efforts of someone else. So, rather than attempting to change people and creating space for hard feelings, opt to invest your energies into other, more worthwhile things.

  1. Obsessing over negative news.

Do your best and try not to obsess over negativity. Like pain, there will be hardship in the world. So rather than allowing it to weigh you down, use it to propel yourself and the rest of the world forward, in a more positive direction.

  1. The belief that fulfillment resides in the end result.

Like peace, fulfillment is not obtained by achieving a specific goal. Rather, fulfillment is obtained by having a sense of purpose and living with authenticity and intention.

  1. Measuring your success by material wealth.

Stuff is, well, stuff. It is of the essence. It can add to various parts of our lives, and it can send a message to those around us. But, like anything of the material world, material wealth does have its limits.

  1. The need to keep everything the same.

Change is an inevitable part of life, as everything is indeed temporary.  And while change can certainly be uncomfortable, it can also be quite beautiful, for it is change that is at the heart of all growth and progression.

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