By midnight last night, each one of my Sunrise regulars had informed me that they wouldn’t be making it to class for some reason or another.  And while I very much appreciate the head’s up, you bet your bottoms that it created the temptation to cancel class.  I mean, who wants to get their ass up, out of bed and into the cold at 5am, especially when there is no guarantee that anyone is going to show up for class?  I will be honest – not me.

But alas, I did.  I got my ass up and out of bed at 5am, threw on my stretchies, tossed my mane into a bun, had a bit of tea, and ventured out into the morning.  Because when we opened the studio, I had to remind myself time and time again that if I want people to show up, I sure as hell better show up, too.  I have to demonstrate my commitment and dedication to my craft if I have hopes of other people doing the same.

…As I was driving to the studio, I passed by the early-morning runners that I see every Tuesday morning, all bundled up in their reflective cold gear, pounding the icy pavement, also demonstrating a commitment and a dedication to their craft.   And then, as I was sitting on floor of my empty studio, at 6.29am, one of my newbies walked in the door.  Just one.  But she was there.  And so was I.

It was simple.  But it was good. Like a little wink from the Universe that said, “yes”.  I love that.

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