So often, yoga instructors hear people say “I am not flexible enough to do yoga.”  And we think that is so silly – We do not practice yoga because we are flexible.  Rather, we are flexible because we practice yoga.  And while a regular asana practice may lead to increased flexibility and range of motion, true yogis know that flexibility is so much more than what happens to our bodies on the mat.

Flexibility, for me, is far more mental and emotional than it has or ever will be physical.

Flexibility is about releasing and the letting go of tension, perceptions of control, fears and discomforts. It is about finding your limits, standing at that edge, and knowing if you can and should tiptoe beyond them.  It is about venturing further and deeper.  It is about opening and expanding and melting while maintaining a balance of give and take, inhale/exhale.

To be flexible is to welcome, to become fluid, and to go beyond.


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