Lovers. You are such beautiful people! I feel absolutely humbled and moved to tears by the LOVE and LIGHT that everyone has showered upon me as I have shared my news with you.

This is a bittersweet adventure for us indeed, as our roots are deep here. So know that we will return often, and of course I will remain in touch, whether I am here or there.

…Many have asked about my practice, and my answer is this: I am now dual-licensed in the state of MN and NV, which will allow me to practice therapy in person and from a distance, no matter where I am in space and time, and I will maintain my coaching and yoga instructor certifications as always.

So, please do continue to play along with me if you feel moved to. Watch for updates and changes and course corrections, as always. And, if you are feeling adventurous, let us continue our work together.

…As I say at the end of each and every class, “…Take a moment to recall your intentions. And, take a moment to acknowledge one thing or all things that you have in your life to love, be loved by, and feel grateful to have… THANK YOU for taking this time for your practice, and THANK YOU for sharing it with me… LOVE and LIGHT to you all. Namaste.”

Loving you.

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