The inner most process of this human and spiritual experience is the deepest, the most intimate process that we will ever experience. It is a vibration that dives into, combs through, and energetically touches and massages every cell of our entire being. The physical and sensual body. The conscious, and ever-undulating mental and emotional self. The cosmic, spiritual creatures that we are.

When we tune into, and align with this process, we become guided by something greater. A different language of sorts, that we naturally, intuitively, and creatively understand with our hearts and souls and visceral bodies, no matter what logic and our intellectual minds may have to say.

So, listen. And whisper back. And have these pillow-talk conversations with and through the self.

In doing this, you will enfold organically and spontaneously, unlearning and re-learning, and expanding.

You will find a sense of gravitational grounding that strengthens and heals. And you will let go so that you may trust, play, and be guided. Almost as if you are doing a Trust Fall with the Universe and playing with Life again, as if (and it really is) your most intimate love and your best friend.

Join Molly And Ellie as we explore the Chakra system through yogic movement, music, meditation, and mantra.


The energy center that is the Root Chakra resides in the lower body, just at the base of the spine. And this energy center, and all that it embodies, is an emotional reservoir, indeed.

Join Molly and I this Monday evening as we explore the Muhladara Chakra, focusing on strength and stability of this energy center that is the foundation of our physical and energetic bodies.

As if referring to yoga, Henry David Thoreau has been quoted as saying, “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” And so it is in practice.

In yoga, just as in life, the integral structure of anything physical is built upon its foundation. And when the foundation is strong, it keeps us grounded by providing stability and support and allowing for balance. It is only when we are rooted in a strong internal and external foundation that we are able to ebb, flow, and move with strength and grace, for when we root deeply and surrender, trusting that the earth will support us, we are able to rise and expand upward.

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