| Melodic Mantras: The Seven Chakra Series: THE SACRAL CHAKRA |

Rising from the First Chakra to the Second, we realize that it is only when we are rooted, that we flow.

The energy center that is the Second Chakra resides in the pelvic region, just above the sacrum. And this energy center, and all that it embodies on all energetic levels, is a personal vessel of emotions and creative expression of the self, as it, along with the Vishuddha Chakra, is the only outlet of energy that we have.

Within ourselves, the Second Chakra emphasizes our emotions regarding our personal identity and sense of self, and when imbalanced, feelings of disconnection or shame, strength and resilience, the bodily senses and our relationship with our phsyical self and our sacred sexuality.

Outside of ourselves, this energy center houses our ability to relate to others on all levels, the beauty of intimacy and the strength of vulnerability, interpersonal boundaries, the acceptance of, and conversely, our need to control the world around us, financial security, addictions of all forms, and the unwavering power of choice.

As we relate to the worlds within and around us through the creative energies of Sacral Chakra, we live a life of passion by fostering a sense of joy, depth, and fulfillment through connection and self expression. Fluidity, flexibility, and grace. Personal conviction, purity of intention, and strength in our selves.

Join Molly and I, and together we shall plunge into the watery depths of the Sacral Chakra through yogic movement, music, meditation, and mantra.

April 24 | 6pm-8pm | Sojourn Studio | $50

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