{Deva Anutosh}

This means “divine contentment.” To become contented with whatsoever is.

Remain contented in the moment – silent, enjoying, celebrating – and see how your life starts becoming a totally different affair.

…Then one lives like a flame, a smokeless flame. And one is so utterly here that the whole mystery of existence becomes available, because existence only exists in the present.

If you are also in the present there is a meeting – that is the meeting of you and God, for God is in the present moment. If you are also in the present moment you enter the temple.

Hence, contentment is the way to God.

…And once you have tasted the joy of it, the freedom of it, the fragrance of it, then you are never the same again. You will never follow the mind, and slowly, slowly the mind disappears of its own accord…

-Osho, God’s Got A Thing About You, Ch 19

…This contentment in and with the present moment, is a practice for sure. For being grounded in the present, as we know, is not always pleasant, nor is it easy. But if we are able to remember that the past is nothing but an interpretation of a memory, and the future is only a projection or an illusion, we are able to experience ourselves, as we are, in our ever-changing divine glory. And this, after all, is the only way in which we can be.

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