Vino and Vinyasas!

Mmm. Yum! Yoga + Wine + Mother Nature + My Favorites = Vino and Vinyasas! In the orchards of Glacial Ridge Winery. June 12th. The Yoga will flow at 12pm, and the wine at 1pm. …and if you are feeling ravenous like I know I will be, stay for Rib Fest at 2pm until we’ve […]

This Week with El: YOGA at the PARK

To my Yogic Lovers: While there is no class at the studio this week, I will be co-hosting practice with Mother Nature tomorrow morning at 10.00am at the Spicer Park. Here, we will bask in the warmth of the sunshine, ride the breeze, and take rest under the beautiful canopy of trees (‪#‎justlookup‬) Come ONE! […]

Love. Light. Gratitude.

Lovers. You are such beautiful people! I feel absolutely humbled and moved to tears by the LOVE and LIGHT that everyone has showered upon me as I have shared my news with you. This is a bittersweet adventure for us indeed, as our roots are deep here. So know that we will return often, and […]

Dream Weaving

Ever since I was a baby girl, I dreamed of moving out west. I came close to realizing this dream when I was 18, but after finding out that I was pregnant with Ian, I put this dream on hold and instead dove heart-first into motherhood. Then, after more than fourteen years of falling in […]

Nowhere. Now Here. Here Now.

    Presence, or the |Art of Being-Here-Now|{for me} is an ongoing practice. …For, as I experience it, [presence is a practice] indeed. And it is one that I simultaneously crave and resist. Because to live in the present moment is to both *feel and experience* ABSOUTELY EVERYTHING that is to be registered on a […]

The Eff Word

So often, yoga instructors hear people say “I am not flexible enough to do yoga.”  And we think that is so silly – We do not practice yoga because we are flexible.  Rather, we are flexible because we practice yoga.  And while a regular asana practice may lead to increased flexibility and range of motion, […]

The Inner Most Process

The inner most process is the deepest, the most intimate process that we will ever experience.  It is a vibration that dives into, combs through, and energetically touches and massages every cell of our entire being:  The physical and sensual body.  The conscious, and ever-undulating mental and emotional self.  The cosmic, spiritual creatures that we […]

All Things Are Temporary

Just as all things are temporary, so is my class schedule at Satsanga.  Please read on for adjustments to the current flow.  Most notably, all Thursday evening classes have been re-arranged due to low class attendance, as well as life changes on my behalf.  As such, Meditation is now on Wednesdays at 5.00pm and Thursday’s […]

Fly Away, Sweet Dragonfly

Maksikanagasana|Dragonfly Pose The magic of the Dragonfly: As a creature of the water, the Dragonfly symbolizes the creativity of the deeper, meditative, dreaming, and intention-setting mind. It is this subconscious mind that connects us with our most authentic self and guides us to live from our heart, allowing us to manifest a sattvic life of […]

Junk In The Trunk

A few weeks ago, I posted about the opening of the lower body and the emotional reservoir that it can be. Today, however, we focus on the strength and stability of the very same region, which also happens to be the foundation of our physical and energetic bodies. As if referring to yoga, Henry David […]