Fly Away, Sweet Dragonfly

Maksikanagasana|Dragonfly Pose The magic of the Dragonfly: As a creature of the water, the Dragonfly symbolizes the creativity of the deeper, meditative, dreaming, and intention-setting mind. It is this subconscious mind that connects us with our most authentic self and guides us to live from our heart, allowing us to manifest a sattvic life of […]

Sthira. Sukha.

We work so hard. All day. Each and every day. And then, something inspires us, and we look upward into the cosmos, and, magically, we discover a beautiful and magnificent ease. And there is no more work. Only the present moment life. This is sthira. This is sukha. This is the magical flow of the […]

Alchemy of the Soul: An Alignment Workshop

Alchemy (al·che·my|alkəmē) – a seemingly magical process of transformation or creation Join Jen Grant and El Holbrook at Satsanga for an afternoon of love and alignment. Through soulful conversation, meditation, and asana, we will journey deeper into ourselves. Together we’ll explore what alignment is, why it matters, and how you get there. We’ll also learn […]

Magic Words

I once attended a wedding where the pastor ‘s homily revolved around four short phrases of three simple words that loved ones should say to each other every day. The first phrase he told us to say to one another is, “I love you”. For many of us, it seems, this phrase comes with relative […]

Hurt People Hurt People

If you have ever been a part of a relationship, I am willing to bet that you have also found yourself amidst an internal struggle that is, at least in part, due to something that has happened within that relationship. Something that was confusing, hurtful, or upsetting. Something that was difficult to let go of, […]

Lent 2016

As many of you probably know, this year’s Lent season begins today.  Traditionally, many of us honor Lent by making a sacrifice of some sort, abstaining from something, fasting, or removing something that we will miss during the 46 days leading up to Easter.  Ideally, the commitments that we make as we honor Lent are […]

Beastly Beings

  We, as humans, no matter how evolved we become, are animals. We were created to adapt, evolve, and thrive. So much of our existence revolves around drives that are so basic to every animal in the world: food and water, shelter and safety, learning and development, companionship and belonging. Of course, we were also created […]

Be Bold

“Sin boldly,” wrote Martin Luther, the German priest and theologian that is the namesake of the Lutheran denomination. How confusing this quote seems at first glance. How confusing it is that a priest, a man of God, would instruct Christians to sin and to do so with abandon. Yet, when this quote is brought back […]

Breathe Through It

Every now and then, I have to remind myself that it is okay to let go and do nothing, to sit in silence, and just breathe.  The past few days have been a prime example of such a time.  I have encountered something that has left me feeling unsure of how to make sense of […]

Resistance Makes the Heart Grow Stronger

  Fun fact: I almost never remember my dreams. However, when I do, I am usually in flight. Ever since I was quite young, in fact, my preferred mode of transportation while dreaming has been flying. I had not thought much about this dream-theme of mine until I studied dream analysis in college and learned […]