Coaching deals primarily with fostering positive change in people’s lives by changing the way they think, feel, and behave.  This holistic approach is successful because it tends to the many dimensions of a person, not just the “problem” area.

In weight loss specifically, a coach may benefit a client by helping them evaluate their relationship with food, including their eating patterns and behavioral motivations, as well as their thoughts and feelings surrounding food, weight, and their body.  As a result, clients feel more in control of their choices, greater satisfaction in their bodies, and a strengthened commitment to their well-being.

As a coach, I strive to create a partnership with clients, working with them as a team.  During sessions, clients are encouraged to talk about their concerns and what is important to them, while also setting goals and generating solutions and producing result.  While I may provide insight, guidance, and support, the credit and success ultimately belongs to the client.

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