…In my yoga classes this week, we have given extra-special attention to the hips and lower-body regions. And this feels oh-so-amazing! And even more so amazing than that is the extremely important, yet often over-looked, aspect of this hip-opening practice… which is the emotions that are stored within the lower body regions.

As a yoga instructor and therapist, I feel that it is extremely important to bear in mind that our bodies do NOT operate alone. Rather, our physical bodies are just one aspect of a very complex and intricate system that makes up our entire being. And it is our lower bodies that often store emotions in need of further attention, processing, and healing. These processes occur in many shapes and forms and are healthy for us to experience, despite the fact that they may be uncomfortable, especially when they become substantial and important. Yet, even so, these sensations are to be welcomed, as they are good and necessary. So run into the feelings that arise, rather than running from them, feel what you don’t want to feel, and diffuse them with breath.

So, as you move forward in the practice, I would like you to keep your entire self (mind, body, spirit) in mind. And, as you do, listen closely to your own self. Check in. Ask questions. Notice and observe. Know that your practice will take you deeper than the physical realm. Revel in the magic that happens in all dimensions. And radically accept who, and where, you are now.

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