…In the traditional sense, a brand is created to encourage customer loyalty and reflect the values, culture and personality of a business. It is a statement about who the organization is and who they aspire to be. The article touched on business branding no more than this. Instead, it focused on “soul branding”.

What is soul branding, you ask? Well, my curious birds, I shall tell you. Soul branding is exactly what it sounds like. It is having a personal “brand” that defines who you have been in the past, who you are in the here and now, and who you would like to be in the future.

It is a way for you to stay grounded. It is a compass that guides you through your life journey. It is a very concrete, yet ever-changing self-concept. A soul brand is the essence of who you are, what you do, and how you exist in this world.

The article suggests that your soul brand is created and molded beginning with conception, and continues to evolve throughout life. It is shaped by each of your experiences, how you grew up, your education, interests, strengths, and quirks. It is influenced by how you interact with others, with the surrounding environment, and most importantly, how you relate to yourself. It has always existed, and always will, yet it is dynamic and ever-evolving.

While we all have a soul brand, many of us are not quite sure of what our personal brand is. Many of us question who we are, and we forget that at any point in our lives, we may reinvent ourselves and reconstruct our self-concept. So often, we get caught up in the schtuff of life, losing perspective and losing sight of ourselves. When this happens, the author of the article suggests that we reflect back on our soul brand for guidance, reassurance, and encouragement. To do this, ask yourselves the following questions…

…Who have I been?

…Who am I right now?

…Who will I be?

…Take a moment and carefully consider each of these questions. Who have you been? Who are you right now? And who will you be? While it is likely that you have experienced many changes throughout your life, I am willing to bet that many things have also remained the same. I am willing to bet that you discovered a theme as you answered these questions. A theme that is very uniquely yours. That theme is the brand of your soul. It is who you are. The essence of your beautiful, fantastic self.

I love how grounding the idea of having a soul brand is. I love how reassuring it is to know who you are, where you have come from, what your values are, what kind of life you want to live. And I love knowing that at any given moment, we can adapt, amend, and reshape our soul brand. I love that it is a co-creation of our personalities, our life experiences, and our aspirations.

Take a moment this afternoon, my beloved birds, and ask yourself these questions. Be at peace with who you have been. Embrace yourself as you currently are. Introduce yourself to your future. Discover the brand of your soul and all the beauty, guidance, truth, and possibility it holds.

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